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Arborisculptures are explorations into the beautiful complexities of wood forms found in nature. They are crafted but also attempt to simply reveal what is already there.

   I was born to the planet earth June 1st, 1953 on the east coast of the North American Continent, at a place called Cherry Point, North Carolina.
From there, the family moved to the gulf coast at Galveston, Texas for a couple of years, and then from the age of 5 on to Georgia, first to Dublin
for a couple of years, and then up to the present, in and around Atlanta.
     Like many similar human beings I was a "baby-boomer" destined to come of age in arguably the most tumultuous period of social and political upheaval in American history. That being said, as an individual knowing alienation first
hand, and with a consequent desire to secure an identity in the ancient natural universe, I meandered along, like most before me, in the materialistic middle class haze with all its rewards and trappings.
     Somehow in all of this, one thing never escaped my attention for too long at a time.  With little or no effort it was always possible to know and to see an abundance of beauty surrounding me in the world wherever I was.  Soon after I began working in the tree service business in the late 70’s, I would frequently glimpse bizarre shapes and swirling grain patterns in the trees I was cutting.  After a while I began collecting “weird wood” just for their beauty, not knowing exactly what to do with them.
     Several decades later with literally hundreds of wood pieces filling up the shelves in my garage, and being under-employed, it was time to begin in earnest.  Over the years I had dabbled a little here and there, discovering the hidden mystery already under the bark, carving and shaping searching for the content inside the wood; however I feel that as an art form Arborisculpture has mostly developed within the last 2 years.
     There is design as well as beauty in the wood as nature has created it, however, our nature compels us to explore what is hidden in things.  When a balance is sought between the two, the created and the revealed, a beautiful sculpture can emerge 

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